About Us

Magic Hands have been serving countless barbers from New Jersey to Virginia since 2003. We have been providing invaluable services to barbers to help maximize their profit by

  • Providing free deliver to barber’s location, so they can spend more time growing their business.
  • Providing regular delivery, so barbers can manage inventory of supplies better
  • Providing reasonable prices, so they can maximize their profit.
  • Providing tool repair service such as sharpening , clipper repair, parts replacement at a budget prices, so they can save money on supplies
  • Providing quick turnaround time for tool repair to minimize down time for barbers.
  • Providing insight into how to maintain barber tools and inform them of new supplies that can help them improve their profit.

We are committed to providing the best service to help our customers maximize their profit by utilizing our experience and insight.

However, due to geographical limitation, our service was provided only to those who were in the area we service. To address this limitation, we launched Magic Hands website to deliver some of our service to customer who are not in the area we normally serve by expanding our presence using internet.

We are committed to providing the same quality of our workmanship and service to those who utilize our service through our website. 

That is our guarantee to you!!



Address: 5063 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, PA 19120

Email: magichands@mhbarber.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barber.mh.3